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"We should be enjoying our bodies. Not tolerating them"

Pain is a big problem. It's emotionally overwhelming and stops us doing what we love. It leaves us unable to move without restriction or pain. We feel hopeless, aged and depressed. We should be enjoying our bodies. Not tolerating them

We have successfully treated and rehabilitated over 4500 clients. And we cannot wait show you how we can help you too. The process we follow is very simple but incredibly effective; just check our ☆☆☆☆☆ rating on Google and Facebook

I feel your pain. I have been there. Pain stops you doing what you love and stops you from being the person you used to be, or even worse the person you want to be. We have helped over 4500 people become their pain free, strongest and most confident versions of themselves. We'll reduce your pain with treatment and show you how to control and reduce your pain at home. We'll then construct a plan and work with you to become more mobile and stronger, restoring your confidence. At Revitalize we guarantee that we will support you every step of the way until you're pain free

Our process means;

Pain free, greater mobility and flexibility, leaving you stronger and more confident than ever before

And less;

Long term medication, chronic pain, surgery and joint replacement Go from being in pain, avoiding what you love to embracing what you love; become strong, mobile, confident and pain free

What Our Patients Have to Say

20 Years of Disc Pain after Spinal Fusion; Pain Free Despite Doubts

Treating Gluteal Bursitis

From Back Pain to Running

From 16 Years of Disc Prolapse Pain to Playing Golf Pain Free

From Career Ending Injury to English Championships

Hip Replacement Surgery Avoided

Maintenance Treatment for Back Pain

Knee Replacement Avoided; from Walking to Lunging

Neck Stiffness Erradicated

Sciatica Cured

Knee Pain No More

Shoulder Pain Eradicated

Where To Find Us

As well as our multidisciplinary Clinic in Gravesend, we're opening Pain Specialist Clinics in Gyms around Kent to provide our unique, most effective methods to as many people as possible Why gyms? Because pain is an intolerance to strain, load and trauma. With even the most basic of gentle exercises, we can make that injured area stronger than it ever was before

Gravesend Town Centre 01474 356 284

Chatham, META Evolution Fitness 0163 478 6605

Maidstone, NWK Cross Fit 0162 229 6239