Shelley McEwen (Director) - Elite Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach 


I spent my teenage years in Devon, this is where my love for health and fitness began. Embarking on a new stage in my life saw me return to Medway, Kent where I joined the largest gym in the area and the first gym I’d ever joined. It didn’t take long for me to start to notice the results of the hard work that I was putting in, as my clothes became looser and I started to feel better, both physically and mentally. I had fallen in love with weight training and as time went on, I watched my body changing.

It was at this stage that I started to train with friends, helping them work towards their own goals, providing support and motivation. Watching my friends achieve their goals, gain confidence and become happier gave me a huge sense of excitement. One day I decided I needed a new challenge so I registered on the next available personal training course. The prospect of becoming a Personal Trainer and the opportunity to help others to achieve their personal goals, become fitter and healthier, was exhilarating. I have now taken over META Evolution Gym to enable me to help other personal trainers fulfil their potential and together we can help build a community full of happier, healthier and stronger people.


Craig Long - Elite Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach


I personally understand what it's like to be uncomfortable in your own skin, lack in confidence and be deeply unhappy about how you look.  Until one cutting comment that changed my life, every day was frankly, depressing.  The cutting remark, was the reality 'slap' I needed.  That's when I decided enough was enough, something had to change.  Just like that, I had a complete mentality shift and the gym gave me a new strength.   Obviously, I developed the physical strength and the body I'd never had before.  But also, I couldn't believe the mental strength that also grew.  My confidence boomed.  I was happy, energetic, my work output changed.  I started to see the world in a new positive light.  For the first time in my life I was STRONG. 

Strength, conditioning and fitness is for everyone.  From skinny lads who struggle to gain muscle and strength.  For women that don't realise their potential and don't know how strong they actually are (mentally and physically).  Even the elderly, that haven't exercised for a long time, or have never exercised before at all.  Strength isn't just about how much weight you can lift or if you can see your Abs.  Having strength, is about how you feel about yourself, how easy you find doing daily tasks and how much confidence you have, to tackle any of life’s obstacles you may face.
From body weight to barbell and from having the confidence to say 'no', to applying for a new job, everyone can be stronger. 



James Gale - Elite PT & Nutritionist

JamesI started my journey as a personal trainer and coach in 2009. I already had a passion for health and helping people, so the fitness industry was the perfect choice. I qualified as a personal trainer whilst living in Canada. Living in the metropolitan city of Toronto gave me great exposure to many different types of clients, and fitness disciplines.

From there, I set up my own training studio in Canada, which only helped to develop my skillset further. At the same time, I continued to educate myself as much as I could, focusing mainly on human nutrition, which I studied at university level.

Upon my return to UK, I gained more experience coaching for well known commercial gyms, and working alongside other coaches.

In 2015, my focus leaned more towards my passion for nutrition when I set up a health focused cafe, a meal prep business, and a nutrition company. The most important learning from this period, was that it really gave me the opportunity to apply my nutrition knowledge to practical scenarios, to see real results first hand, and adapt my knowledge to the individual. My clients ranged from professional athletes to office workers, to people facing significant health challenges. I also continued my education by becoming a certified MAC Nutritionist, as well as studying under George Lockhart, renowned sports nutritionist, and coach to Tyson Fury.

Now, as a Meta coach, I bring over 12 years of experience in coaching and nutrition. Despite appearances, I know what it’s like to start at the very beginning. No matter what your goal or ability, I will work closely with you, to get you from where you currently are, to where you want to be.